Learning Puppet 4 Early Release is now available

Learning Puppet 4

Learning Puppet 4: A Guide to Configuration Management and Automation

This book teaches you how to use Puppet 4 for configuration management and automation. If you are an experienced DevOps engineer, this book covers in detail the changes and improvements in Puppet 4 and how to make best use of them.

You can read the original article at http://www.netconsonance.com/2015/04/learning-puppet-4-early-release-is-now-available/. Comments are welcome here or there as you please.

+1 and an assist!

No goals were scored against us while I was on the ice tonight. That would net me a +0, the thing which I was happy to have a few weeks back.

Tonight we ran the puck into the opposite zone. I passed cleanly to someone, who took a shot. Deflected by the goalie. The opposing left winger got to the puck first and railed it behind the net. Henry and their right winger collided trying to get the puck; it bounced a few feet away from them. I snagged it, glanced around and found our right winger standing clear in the slot. I passed cleanly to him, he shot on goal. It rebounded off the goalie's pads towards me. It could have been my first goal, but Henry got to the puck quicker and tossed it in the net before the goalie could get over to our side.

Would have been nice to get the goal, but it was first assist AFAIK and also my first +1 game so I'm happy with this.

We won the game 3:1 which ain't bad either ;)
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My life is bound together by KT tape and Silicon pads

So the last two weeks have provided for the first time some positive news on the hockey front. First I did some careful investigation and tuning with the manager of our local Hockey Giant store, and we figured out where all my pain is coming from. On my left foot I have a nerve running over the top of the bony protrusion in my ankle. On my right foot, the nerve lies lower and is protected from pressure. We successfully cut away some of the tongue and used silicon pads to protect the nerve. For the first time I skated with no pain. (meant to write this part a week or so back)

So I did some testing and moving things around and got positive and negative results and was able to confirm that the silicon pad doesn't prevent the tongue from sliding down and doubling up there like we hoped, but the silicon pad falls inside the tongue and protects the nerve. As long as the pad stays in place, I can skate with little pain.

In fact, I've been able to stop tying my skates super tight once the pad is protecting the nerve, and let the skate move around a little more. This was guaranteed pain in the past, but it's fine as long as the pad stays in place. I'm skating better and more confidently now. It's been a huge relief to stop thinking about pain, and avoiding thereof, and just think about skating.

I still can't skate well without KT Tape to support me, although I did figure out that I can apply a long strip across the lower back nerves myself, and this provides enough support. So at least I'm self-sufficient now.

Finally, the Knights broke our losing streak Sunday by defeating the Piranhas, who beat us soundly back in November. Not only did we win, but it was my first game where I didn't go further negative on my +/-! Granted, a positive (being on the ice when a goal was scored) or scoring a goal myself would be even better, but it's my first game were I didn't go negative so I'm happy with it.

This is apparently a best season so far for the Knights, and we have secured a spot in the playoffs!
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Know anyone with clue about hockey skate fit?

I'm having a ton of fun trying to learn hockey. But to be honest, in the 10 months I've been doing it I've spent 3 times as much time trying to find a way to get the boots stable and pain free underneath me. It's not a problem skating around for fun. For some reason once I start skating with hockey intensity I find myself in serious pain.

Either the boot is too loose and moves around beneath my feet, or I'm in pain from the little bony knob just above the heel on the outside of my left foot.

I've tried lacing patterns. I've tried pads inside the boots. Sharks ice pro shop has no clue. I switched boots with Hockey Giant. Last thing we did was reheat and punch out the boot to give me more room there. After spending two months out due to the shoulder surgery, I came back and spent roughly 10 hours practicing skating. I went to the beginner hockey class this Saturday morning and I couldn't even finish the class I was in too much pain.

I guess after the shoulder surgery I'm just really tired of being in pain all the time, and I'm seriously considering hanging up my gloves and going back to just being a fan.

If someone has any good ideas about where to go, or any specialist (I'm happy to pay) who might be able to work this out... I'd really love to be able to focus on skating and hockey, rather than pain management.

Until or unless I find some useful direction to proceed, I guess I'm going to bow out and go back to sports I could enjoy sans pain.

Going to work at Chegg

After a lot of thinking and probably over-thinking, I've accepted an offer from Chegg. I'll start there Monday as a Senior DevOps engineer.

I believe this is going to be not only a good job, but a good lifestyle match for me. I'm really excited about this change.
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Who from Loncon3 has a photo of Nova and I at absolute zero?

This post is for those of you in the group who went to Greenwich after LonCon had finished. So I'm looking through my photographs and I have a half dozen of other people at absolute zero. I have the two of us in a group photo which someone else took, but I swear that Nova and I got a couple photo taken of us. I don't have it.

I'm pretty sure this means that someone else took the photo and I assumed I'd get it from you, but forgot to. So Dave, Andy, et al... do you have a photo of Nova and I standing together at absolute zero?

Anyone want General Admission tickets to Skinny Puppy at the SF Warfield Dec 19th?

The show has moved from the Regency Ballroom to the Warfield. It's Skinny Puppy with Haujobb and Front Line Assembly opening. When they moved to the Warfield I purchased two seats up top because I'm old and lazy. So before I put them on Craigslist I figured I'd offer them to my friends.

Note that GA is sold out, so if want to be on the floor you've got to get them from me or someone else. $49/each.

...so my arm isn't broken, after all.

In Sunday's hockey game I managed to collide at high speed with our other defenseman while we were together blocking a forward sprinting towards our goal. We succeeded in blocking him, but ended up hitting the ice pretty hard, me on the shoulder which already has a bone spur poking into the rotator cuff.

I didn't notice being in pain that night, but when I woke up in the morning I couldn't move my arm two inches without almost screaming in pain. I got in to see my doctor ASAP worried I had broken the arm, but thankfully that wasn't the case. The impact has caused my shoulder to inflame tremendously, and it's pushing the rotator cuff muscles up against the bone spur really hard.

No hockey for me for at least a week, more likely two or three. In fact, no holding things with both hands, or even pointing my left arm. It hurts.

And now my doctor is saying that maybe we really should consider doing surgery to cut away some of the bone spur. We'll see how it looks after the inflammation dies down.

Crushed ad naseum.

The Knights were crushed by the Rusty Blades tonight, 5-1 or something like that.

I contributed two goals... for the Rusty Blades. One puck bounced off my foot and slid past our goalie. The second time I was dicing for puck control near the net, the guy feinted, pulled back, then bounced the puck off my blade into the net. I'm crushed. I'm sure my team wants to crush me too.

It little ways, I'm getting better. I'm catching the puck more often. I'm annoying the other side more often. But not consistently, and not enough. One time I was proud of myself for racing back in time enough to get between the opponent and the net... but I slowed down just a tiny bit as I got near the net, and he shot it millimeters past my stick into the net. Crushed again.

I got one chance to shoot at the far net during the game, and just hit an opponent in the chest who was able to knock it down and run it back to our territory.

I ended up 0:-3 for the game, which makes me 3:-6 or -3 for all three games. This is total suckage territory. I'm kindof surprised the Knights haven't told me to blow off yet.

And my blades are hurting me again. It never stops. I'm mad enough about the effing hockey blades and pain to want to throw all of this stuff out the window and never look at it again. Nobody else has any problems like this. Nobody. Everyone just looks at me weird when I talk about the pain in my feet. Auuuuuuuuuugh.

Write books in the HTMLBook standard using Scrivener

My favorite writing tool is Scrivener. I wrote the Learning MCollective book for O’Reilly Media entirely in Scrivener, exporting to AsciiDoc. I was afraid this wouldn’t work very well, but it ended up working just great. You can get my export settings and processing scripts from https://github.com/jorhett/scrivener-asciidoc.

O’Reilly Media promotes and utilizes a lot of web standards. They have switched over to using HTMLBook for new projects. HTMLBook is an XHTML5-based standard for the authoring and production of both print and digital books.

To support this in my upcoming book, I created a Scrivener compile format which outputs chapter headings in HTMLBook. Then I wrote some scripts to process the output from Scrivener compile to make valid HTMLBook, cut into parts and adjusted for the expectations of O’Reilly Atlas.

I have released my Scrivener compile settings and scripts so that others can use them. They are open source under an Apache license at https://github.com/jorhett/scrivener-htmlbook.

You can read the original article at http://www.netconsonance.com/2014/10/write-htmlbook-using-scrivener/. Comments are welcome here or there as you please.