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Loscon: the bar scene

If Loscon had been a single bar scene, it would have looked like this...

On one side bovil constrained a mob of Evil Geniuses to play a raucous jaunt. In the middle of the room jadecat9 danced in a beautiful gown. kproche brought people drinks, but kept getting mobbed by cute straight boys interested in the costume. karisu_sama swaggered around, putting swords to throats, and lips to lips. kilah_hurtz stood to the side of the entrance, plotting to build a warrior race. didjiman skirted the outsides, and dove in to capture a soul here and there. saycestsay held court on the far side of the room, surrounded by a circle of adoring men. luckinspades bounced around the room with a flogger and a tail. dave_galagher offered sad commentary on math skills, while dinogirl looked on fondly.
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