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Time Management for System Administrators

So yesthattom wrote this book Time Management for System Administrators. And I had been to his talks and improved a bit, and I knew he absolutely took on as much if not more in his daily life as I did, but really seemed a lot happier with it. So why didn't I rush out and buy this book? I was too busy, naturally.

Well, after spending the last two years learning how to get a better grip on my life and make my life more enjoyable, I finally picked up his book at the conference. And I figured to read the introduction on the plane while taxing (because I always fall asleep during takeoff).

Well, not so much. I didn't sleep a wink and I all but finished the book before I landed.

No surprise to say that absolutely everything I have painstakingly figured out for myself in the last two years was in this book. And a whole lot more, including points about significant things which are still holding me back. Wow.

So while not all of you are system administrators, the vast majority of you are analytical in nature and work in interrupt-driven jobs. This book is for you.

And I'm not even saying "go out and buy this book". I'm saying that if you are in my friends list and tell me that you haven't read this book, I'll buy it for you. Because it's that good.
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