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Seeking SWF...

No, not Single White Female although they could be, it's just not the criteria. I'm not sure what SWF means but right now I like Singularity Worshiping Friend. Although Sincerely Wonked Fan ain't bad either, nor is Science Wanking Fan. Silly stuff.

Alrightly, here's the Ad:

Seeking SWF (Singularity Worshiping Friend) age 30-60 preferrably. Must like coffee, tea, wine or beer. Must read lots of hard science fiction books and/or enjoy seeing science fiction movies. Must be prepared for many long hours of wanking about with no real purpose debating the merits of Daleks and Cybermen, and whether they deserve a springtime or not.

If interested, please send a review of the latest book you have read. Serious reviews with no wanking will be rejected with contempt. Interview will happen in a movie theatre of your choice, at a showing of a good SF movie.

Must be prepared to commit at least 1 night a month at a cafe or bar wanking over Science Fiction topics. Interest in seeing SF movies together definitely a plus.

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