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End of Season Race Results

Unfortunately I really had it going on in practice, but failed to carry that energy through into the races. Sad, because I would have been really happy with a win. But here's how I did instead:

3rd Place - Novice Mod 50. I beat both Linda and Tom to the line (10 points ahead and 20 points behind respectively) so that means I captured 2nd place in the championship.

2nd Place - Vet Mod Thunder. I beat Devon to the line, who has beat me all year and was only 5 points behind. This means I've retained 3rd place in that championship. (unfortunately it was because Devon crashed out trying to get away, not because I passed him)

Mod Thunder and Unlimited Thunder I had already locked up 2nd place in the championship so I just used them as practice time, deliberately slowing on the start or waving people past me to practice chasing them down and some different passing lines. I think I ended up with 4th in both but I really wasn't paying attention.
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