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2nd in Mod Thunder, 2nd in Trophy Dash

I felt good. It was nice being back on the bike, and I spent a lot of time focusing on relaxing and keeping my hands relaxed on the bars.

I was able to put it together for the mains as well, getting the holeshot in Mod Thunder and only getting passed by the perpetual winner in that class. And he didn't check out, I was right on his tail until the very end. I just couldn't find a place to pass him.

I got a lousy start in Expert Trophy Dash and had to go through the entire field before I could check out to get a solid 2nd place. Too late to chase down the leader.

I crashed out of Formula Extreme trying to pass a kid with twice the motor I have deep, deep, deep on the brakes on the entry to the chicane. But it was all good, I was laughing while I slid off the track...

I had a most excellent time.
Tags: motorcycle, racing

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