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Breakfast in Bayview: milestone 2!

Okay, so my milestones for reaching a fun, relaxing neighborhood in Bayview are:

1. Get light rail installed and working * Completed, April 2007.

2. Get a breakfast joint I can stroll down to and enjoy -- DING!

I've been watching a place get built up on 3rd street that might fit that bill. Earlier this week I noticed it was open. Today I went down and tried it out. It's not perfect -- only wheat toast, no rye. No fruit sides instead of hash browns. Coffee was only adequate. But the food was excellent for what it was, and the price was right ($7 out the door including tip)

I am totally satisfied.

The next milestone I'll probably see this fall, but the final milestone will be some ways off now...

3. Have a local coffee shop/hangout joint

4. Have a restaurant/coffee shop with tables out on the sidewalk.
(read: that is only possible when people are comfortable sitting there)
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