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Roses for Gnomes

I traded my racing leathers (and 2nd place in two championships) in against spending a sweet 5 days with some damn good friends. It was worth every penny and a few more besides. I was trying to save money, so I was the Party Room Bitch in exchange for a bed to sleep in. Twas Grand!

Friday: Helped unload and setup the party room for VintaCon. Sweet! The wines were too... vwerry dwunk.

Saturday: Saw two random panels with Tad Williams. Sassy! Helped prepare for the AhwahneeCon bid party. Had to chase the damn furries around the room a few times before they'd stay in place. Shockingly, didn't drink a drop this night.

Sunday: Saw the only two writers track events. Ran home to get costume to help fill in an empty masquerade ballot. Spent hours turning blue, then washed it off again. Won 2 awards for being... well, blue! Started drinking late, saw the dawn. Sang songs at the moon with johnnyeponymous though I'm sure he won't remember.

Monday: I wanted to play hookie, but I got woken up with customer issues at work and I had to run away and play nice. Returned, had dinner. Got my Evil on, and chased fairies around the moon with much success. Found a kindred Evil soul (bast_kitten) who had heresofore escaped my notice.

Tuesday: Race back to work. Work had sympathy and let me run away at a reasonable hour so I returned just in time to catch a few beers with kproche, bovil, Ajay (artist formerly known as H.Alex...) and Kore. Then jjustisp joined us in time to visit the MythCon party and sing silly birthday verses in honor of the Dead Gnome.

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