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Wine, wine wine... tequila!

Friday night bovil and kproche escaped their overly-tight schedule and ran up to my house for dinner. A home cooked meal and 5 bottles of wine ... yeah, lots of silliness ensued.

In the morning we grabbed breakfast at a local joint, then ran up to Russian River for me to pick up wine deliveries and for them to try out my favorite jaunts. A nice relaxing afternoon of tasting, with fresh-baked bread and cheese lunch by the pond at Hop Kiln. Then a 2-hour haul back to the bay area for work (me) and singing (kproche).

I escaped from work to join them for the closing antics at the 25th anniversary party for SCCLA. The party wandered from there to someone's house, and we traversed from wine to chipotle vodka and almond tequila. Yowsa! Lots of talk about kink, and highlights from the Eurovision competition.

Absolutely one of the best evenings I've had a in a long time, and I thoroughly enjoyed being around like souls for such an extended period. Unfortunately they spent most of the late night discussing the local drama and politics, which reminds me why I bailed on those communities so many years ago. But it was a sweet experience, and I need to find ways to hang with these people more often (while avoiding the politics!)
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