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Whine and Jeez.

Saturday didn't happen. By the time I got to my first party for Saturday it was Sunday, and fun fun fun. A rolling cast of BASFA folk were clustered around jaylake, until kproche and bovil had the audacity to break the poor man over the hot coals of Chipolte Vodka.

I left far too late, and returned south early AM to go hit Livermore Wineries with kproche and bovil. They did the driving, so I got to be silly. 'kay, sillier than usual anyway. Good fun.

We visited Bent Creek, Cedar Mountain, Steven Kent, La Rochelle and finally Thomas Coyn. Thomas Coyn was absolutely the star of the bunch, although all of them were quite good. Hit them in exactly that order!

And today I am south again, with these fools yet again. Yowser. I don't think I've seen most of these folk this much in a year of conventions prior to this weekend.

johnnyeponymous wants to give a shout out to all his Homies.
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