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Fun fun fun in the sun.

So thanks to the generosity of a very nice racer, I got to go practice at Infineon yesterday. This was *FUN*.

They thought A group would be too fast, so they put me in B group. This was the craziest where the hell is the racing line and why would I want to be there anyway B group I've ever been in. I couldn't work on my suspension setup in the corners because everyone was parking their bikes there and checking out the scenery.

After two sessions I gave up and asked to move up to A group. This was exactly the right move. There were enough people for me to pass to have some fun, but mostly everyone was on a similar pace and I could focus on setup and adjusting my style without much interference.

I didn't lower my best time, but I matched it with ease and I improved in a number of places. I was able to start feeling at home with the new compression settings, and able to really learn to brake REALLY HARD without holding on to the bars - squeeze the tank like your life depends on it.

That said, my legs are incredibly sore today in a saddle-sore sense. I'm sure I'm walking funny ;-)
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