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Self Evidence

Well, apparently it is all about me. As you know, I was really upset after last month, and really unhappy. This month I decided it's all just fun, and I'm going to lose the race if I must to keep on having fun.

I set out this weekend to enjoy myself, and to try and hold onto the people who were beating me. Not win the race, just enjoy myself and see if I could keep them in reach. Well...

Vet Mod Thunder: 3rd Place
Mod Thunder: 2nd Place
Novice Mod 50: 1st Place
Unlimited Thunder: 3rd Place

Vet Mod Thunder was definately the hardest, and the race that I struggle the most in. Holding Val off for 10 full laps, with him breathing down my neck the entire time, was ... enlightening. And Joyous!
Tags: motorcycle, racing, self

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