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Missing the Point in true east coast style

So I had a *LOT* of friends at Virginia Tech, and I went down there pretty much every other weekend for many years of my life. Obviously they have all long since graduated, but I'm watching the news on this situation.

Unfortunately, I just left CNN on in the background this morning and overhead the Governor of VA's speech to the students. That political hack actually sat there and told the students all about their responsibility to the world, watching the news, how they had to be strong for all of the world, how they had to do this or that because all of the world was watching.

No, no you freaking idiot. This may be the political limelight of your lifetime, if you truly can't feel anything for the students and teachers who lost their lives. But this isn't the time for the students to stand up and make you proud. This isn't about the news, and this isn't about what political advantage you can get from this.

These students are facing down a real life drama. They've lost friends, classmates, and teachers. And even if they didn't know any of the people shot, they're feeling really vulnerable and scared right now. And they need to come to terms with that, and they need to take time to let those feelings worth themselves out. Not be your political pawns in your limelight, you dumb hack.

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