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I think I need to reconsider what I'm doing with motorcycle racing. It has been fun, and I really do enjoy it, but I think I've gotten everywhere I can get easily, and I'm probably just setting myself up for more and more frustration soon.

  1. I learn slowly: most people go out and practice a little and put together a good race. I'm really only good if I get hours and hours and hours of practice. And then I seem to lose it between Saturday practice and Sunday race half the time.

  2. I'm competing well as a Novice, but I've been a Novice for far too long. They have to make me Expert, and that means I'm going to just be back of the pack. Probably forever, given my inability to learn.

Okay, so this is definitely frustration talking, and I am constantly learning and I am getting better over time. But DAMN slowly, and I seem to need constant re-inforcement to avoid some pretty basic mistakes. You can look and see that I'm learning and getting better, but I've been doing this for 3 full racing seasons now, and it's far past time that most of this should be just plain easy for me.

Part of me says "Look at how far you've come" but another part says "Look at how many years, and you're still failing the basics"

It's really easy to be depressed right now.
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