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Returning to the source

I spent Saturday and Sunday down at Buttonwillow racetrack, getting some practice time in before the AFM race there next week. First time there in 4 years, and it was as if I knew nothing about the track.

4 years ago it was my first track day. I was *SLOW*. Slowest person in the slowest group. So slow that one of the staff questioned why I bothered coming to a racetrack. He meant well, and we became good friends later - but it was sad at the time.

This time was a little different. I was 20 seconds faster right away, and I dropped another 20 seconds during the day to end Saturday with a fastest lap of 2:10.5. On Sunday I didn't improve my lap times as much, but I got my average times during the sessions down to 2:08s.

Here's a picture of the bike, properly dressed up. I've got to redo those skins in proper colors, but otherwise it's race-ready...

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