Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

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Wet brains, wet shoes, wet tongues

Today we drove in the driving rain up to Clear Lake. First stop for a picturesque look at the lake and a nice chat with the oldest son of Jim Fetzger (owner of Ceago). The wines were incredible as always, and we got regaled with tales of the big but originally poor Fetzger family. We bought their very last Merlot/Cab rose, and 2 of the last of their fantastic Muscat Canelli.

From there we bounced around the lake, hitting the tourist center, Tulip Hill and Wildhurst. We had a fantastic lunch at Molly Brennans and thus winded our way back over the hill to Calistoga. We were tired, so pushed on through to Healdsburg and home.

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