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Lost in the valley of the moon

Today we took a reading of the rain, and made a guess that it would hold long enough for the 1/2 mile jaunt down to the Wolf House. The drive down was drama-less, and the weather held beautifully for our entire stay.

In addition to the Wolf House and Home of Happy Walls, we visited the cottage that Jack actually lived (and died) in during his stay in the valley. This has just opened (last week) and is only open 12pm - 4pm on weekends for the time being. But very interesting, including an intimate view of his working space and their shared library.

We stopped for lunch at Wolf House Restaurant. We actually passed this by, thinking it would be too foofy in favor of the Fig Tree. But the Fig Tree was overcrowed and the space was entirely occupied by cars that cost greater than my annual salary. In comparison, the Wolf House ended up being cozy, comfy and with an excellent view. The prices were the same, but the Wolf House is very much a superior location. And the service was excellent. I had a Bast Sausage plate that was very authentic (to my experience) and tasty.

We also visited the Benzinger Winery. After walking through 2-plus acres of winery history and reading about their tours, I totally expected to be put off by their wine prices. However, I was wrong. The wines are neatly Sonoma base $24-$44 per bottle but (inconsistently) worth the price. I wouldn't join their wine club because it was just too uneven from bottle to bottle, but I found a killer Pinot (actually from Russian River grapes heh heh) that will absolutely rock anyones, socks off, yeah that's the ticket. Sorry I can't link to it because they are down to a single case so it's been taken off the website.

My mother discovered that she loved their fairly dry but yummy Muscat Canelli.

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