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So I picked my mom up from the airport on Friday and we ran up to Windsor for 5 days of ... absolutely nothing. This will be grand!

We spent today introducing her to wine tasting. She's never done it before, and has really no idea what she likes or even really how to taste. Having been there myself less than 2 years ago, I wanted to bring her to some places that would treat her well.

Knowing that she liked white zin, I stopped first at Foppiano. But they were even worse than my memory told me, and I aborted that tasting and ran away to the good places. We hit Mill Creek, Hop Kiln, Belvedere and Porter Creek all of which have totally palable wines and who treated her well. We shopped for a bit in Gurneville, and then wandered home to relax. I marined some pork and tossed it with snap greens and yams for dinner.

Yawn. Good times. Relaxing day. 'mused.

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