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Can you get it any more wrong?

Okay, so I'm giving Kudos to two sets of people who couldn't possibly get it more wrong.

1. NBC News, who was the first to report the shooting. And showed this map. Yes, they have labeled the same street 3rd at the bottom, and Newcomb at the top. What's that street intersecting it? Oh, uh, Newcomb.

The shooting actually occured 1.5 blocks N/W of 3rd street on Newcomb, that really long block right before Newcomb ends.

2. The idiots who started this gun battle. I heard at least 30 shots. Someone got killed, right? Nope. Someone got hurt? Nope. The worst damage was one kid got grazed along his leg, and tore up some brand new pants. When I emerged from my house, my neighbor's son was giving the WTF treatment to his friend, for getting shot at while wearing pants he borrowed from my neighbor...

Now, I'm glad that nobody got hurt. But I want to smack the idiot who can fire a dozen or more shots and not even hit a human-sized target.

I have joked with my neighbors that if someone around here starts shooting, Stand Still! 'cause these idiots can't hit squat. Not funny to be proved so right.

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