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First day back on the big bike...

So it's, like, really cold. Like, I haven't practiced in months. Like, take it easy ... you know?

Like... riiiiiiiggggghhht. I did try. I went out behind someone and did two clean laps just following them around. Then the person in front of him did something bonehead, and he just rolled way back and I... oh, screw it. I blew past them and went for a good hard run.

That just about sums up the morning. By the lunch break I was giving guys on 1000cc bikes hell in the corners, and leaving most of them behind me. Horsepower difference be damned :-)

In the afternoon I took the new Suspension Workshop from Dave Moss @ CRS Tuning. It was *brilliant*. I learned a hell of lot. I'll post separately about how good that class is, but basically he was de-tuning our bikes one setting at a time and having us do a few laps at each setting, then making changes. I re-learned about front end setup and corner turning, and I learned *A LOT* about how the rear suspension setup affects the bike in the turn and exiting the corner. It was fun as all hell, and educational beyond belief.
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