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Paying the Price

So... what's the best way to start your morning after a long night of drinking? Let's just say it's *not* being woken by the pager at 4:30am, fixing a problem remotely and falling back into bed only to be woken again by your boss. And then spending the next 12 hours solid in conference calls trying to remotely diagnose braindamaged network switches ain't exactly the spreading of choice.

I *hate* Extreme. They're bidding fair to outrank 3Com for the worst switch vendor ever to ship a product.

I really hate support managers who try to offer you lots of fairly random, non-relevant choices and then say you're not being cooperative when you point out that none of them are relevant to the problem at hand. No, giving me the choice between an incompetent person now or a competent person in 24 hours isn't a valid choice for an ongoing emergency.

And dude, seriously, I'm not your girlfriend. I'm not your bitch, and this ain't a personal argument. Just because you don't like the facts that I present to you does not mean that hanging up on me is an acceptable method of communication. Wow. I've got several million dollars worth of equipment here, and I'm trying to negotiate support issues with adolescents.

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