Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Sweet time at Clear Lake

cmdrsuzdal and I journeyed north of Russian River up to Clear Lake area for the weekend. Not much to do up here if you aren't fishing or waterskiing, so we focused on the local wineries.

One of the sweet things about this area is that $20 is an expensive wine, but the prices don't reflect the quality.

The clear star of the area is Ceago del Lago. Ceago is an organic, bio-dynamic winery (only the second we've encountered) and the wines are spectactular. They have one of the most complex, sophisticated blush wines I've ever tasted. They are priced higher than the local average, but only at Russian River prices and worth every penny and more.

The best wines per dollar are from the Ployez Winery in Lower Lake, and Wildhurst Vineyards in Kelseyville. Ployez is a transplanted frenchman who just loves wine. Tasting wine with him is a comfortable chat while petting his huge Lab. Wildhurst is a friendly town winery in Kelseyville. Both of them average $10 a bottle, and you can leave with a mixed case for less than $100. Very high quality stuff.

Also visit Shannon Ridge and Tulip Hill. They aren't the cheapest nor outstanding stars, but we bought quite a bit from both and we're definitely going to come by here every year and check their latest.

Don't bother with Langtry Wineyards. The wines are good enough, but really "exactly what you expect" when you order a wine of the given grape. Given their Napa Valley-style prices, just skip it.

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