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Race results

2nd Modified Thunder
2nd Vet Modified Thunder
2nd Unlimited Thunder
2nd Novice Modified 50

This is actually kind of silly, because in Unlimited Thunder I am running close to stock (120cc) against machines up to 200cc. I'm only racing that class because it's usually first in the day and it gives me a chance to warm up and get rid of the jitters. But with really low turnout I pretty much cruised in 2nd.

In the Modified Thunder classes I usually pull a 3rd, but 2 of the people who sometimes beat me to 2nd place didn't show so I just beat Jordan off the line and chased Bryan in. It'll be a while before I can hold onto him once he's past me.

Novice Modified 50 is a disgrace. I had a good second a lap on anyone else, except maybe Jordan but he had trouble with his starts today. In the heat race I had to slow down to avoid putting a full lap between me and field, and then I didn't get the holeshot and somehow got stuck in a 4-way battle for 10 solid laps and never got past Danielle. Once past her I could have run away, but... I only lost by 6 inches, but an inch is all that matters.

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