Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Don't rush it.

Don't rush it. Well, that about encompasses both my experience and my failures for this weekend.

As you saw in previous postings, I pretty much was rushed through the week with barely enough time to prepare. But I really wanted to do it. Sometimes, Want just isn't enough. Besides time to get enough sleep, you really need to have all the bits in the right order.

Many of the things that frustrated me with the bike were due to trying to force things to fit. I spent a lot of time looking at other bikes this weekend, and I noticed just how well most racebikes were adapted to make working on them easy, not stressful. None of these things are documented anywhere, just learned from experience. But I took careful notes.

All of this is pretty much due to my lack of preparation. If I had tested the bike in race form prior to this race, I would have worked out all of the kinks before the race. I would have gotten to practice all day Friday.

If I had worked out the proper position for the shock reservoir, it wouldn't have contacted the rear wheel at the compression bump at the exit of the carousel, and we would have done the endurance on a bike I knew better.

If I had gotten enough sleep, I wouldn't be tired.

If I had the bikes worked out before I got there, I would have been able to relax between sessions instead of stressing out.

And if I had held back on the throttle just a little bit, I wouldn't have tossed a very kind friend's expensive motorcycle off the racetrack, and destroyed his chance of participating in the sprint races the following day.

I had thought I was doing better about managing stress. Perhaps. But I need to take that a lot farther. I am learning to avoid stress that I don't need to take on. But I need to go farther -- I need to start actively doing work to ensure that potential stress points are avoided.

It's funny. This is exactly what I consult people to do with computers. Why don't I do this in day to day life?
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