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More sweetness and ... BONK.

I woke up Sunday morning to drama. Customers of my old company (Isite) weren't receiving e-mail, and they couldn't reach anyone at the new provider. I spent too long digging into this to fix the problem, and this cost me the time I intended to spend mounting the race fairing on the bike.

Immediately from here I raced over to meet with karisu_sama and didjiman to work on the design for their new website.

By the time I got home an issue concerning some charity accounts that Meer inherited when they bought the business had developed into a full political drama, so I spent the next 9 hours building out a new mail server for these charity accounts on my personal colo box. Off to sleep way too late to work on the bike or do the exercise I should be doing... or even getting enough sleep.

So I'm behind :-(

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