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Just 1 day as a guest of public transit

So I had worked out a method by which I could get to work using public transit. Bicycle from my home to the Caltrain, get on the one bike carrier if there is room, get off in Sunnyvale and bicycle to the office.

This actually worked fine. 15 minutes of bicycling on either side of the trip, and a full hour to sit and read my book. Not always the safest on the road, but I could improve the route as I learned more.

This was all a test, because my job does require my ability to move from one office to the other at times, and sometimes in emergencies. Would this really work?

Well, the universe was on the ball today. 45 minutes after I arrived, we lost a core switch in Palo Alto. The modem attached to the back had apparently fried itself, and wouldn't respond. So I'll grab my laptop and ... oh. Maybe not.

Yeah, so it worked out okay but I won't be doing this again, sadly.

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