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Mixed bag of race results

It was an extremely competitive weekend. It was a tight, technical course - which I like, but it made passing very difficult. Lots of rubbing elbows, a few outright collisions.

2nd Mod Thunder
4th Super 50
5th Trophy Dash
6th Formula Extreme

It was a lot of highs, and a lot of lows. I got the holeshot in Mod Thunder and ran away. Only Bryan got past me - he just had the course nailed.

Super 50 -- one mistake cost me second place. I was 5th off the line, I passed for fourth and then reeled in the front trio. Tom was checking out, but Minoru and Daran were within reach. After watching them battle for a few laps, I made a fast, wide outside pass in an attempt to get one or maybe both of them. Minoru brake-checked Daran, who stood it up and ran right into me going around them. Because I was making a pass at the time of collision, I waved him past and let him regain his third place spot. He passed for 2nd, but I ran out of time, and finished just feet behind Minoru.

Trophy Dash - Bryan checked out, Jordan, Mike, Craig and I had a 4-way running battle for 10 solid laps. I tried a wide outside sweep on the last lap that failed and lost me momentum on the run to the checkered flag.

Formula Extreme - I blew the start, and came past 4 extreme bikes for a mid-pack finish. Pretty good results on a stocker :-)
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