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Happy to win first hockey game, wish I hadn't been in the penalty box.

So I'm kicking happy glad that my first official-with-referees-and-everything hockey game was a win.

Sadly, I didn't score except in the stooopid category.

So having been a long time fan of hockey and having some street hockey experience, I know the game pretty good. Unfortunately my pickup games and scrimmages didn't prepare me for the sensory onslaught of a real game. There's two kinds of information you just don't get any other way:

1. Useful commentary yelled from the bench, especially letting you know when others are offsides or an opponent is behind you out of vision.

2. Making sure you're processing when the person in your position is coming in and you should be going out, or vice versa when it's time for you to go in and let the other defenseman out.

I thought I had the second part easy. The guy who would swap with me was a big guy with a distinctive jersey. Unfortunately, he got into a fight early in the third period and got thrown out of the game. That left us with three on defense. So two forwards were swapping in to play defense to balance it out.

About five minutes into this process, when a forward got the puck and headed for the opposing net three people went forward, and a defenseman and another came in to swap. This is much like a normal defense swap. When my defense partner went out I went out right behind her, not realizing that one of the people that came in was a forward and I was creating six on the ice.

Bzzzt. Into the penalty box I went for Too Many On Ice. This is really not how I wanted to remember my first game.

I do have some good memories. I stole the puck more than a few times, I stopped a breakaway run on my goalie, and the puck never went past me into the net. I also fell down a stupid amount, and I tended to play inward to dice for the puck in the neutral zone when I should have been falling back to defend the net.

Got a lot to learn. And hopefully I'll get out of Defense soon, as that's really not where my instincts are.
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