Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Onkyo SR606 free to anyone

I have an Onkyo SR606 which has the well-known problem of failed capacitors. I have the higher-quality replacement capacitors in hand. The instructions for replacing them is on this video

Problem? I bought a Denon to replace it and I've been too busy to get around to doing the repair work on the SR-606. So, I'm offering it completely free to anyone who wants it. Newish (only used it for one year) in perfect condition, in original box with remotes and manuals.

This is a high-quality video/stereo receiver with four HD HDMI inputs and a plethora of Component, Composite, and Digital inputs. Full specifications are at

These usually sell for $200 on ebay right now. If you don't feel like doing the repair there are shops which specialize in this repair for $75. So it would be $75 cost for a high quality HDMI receiver.

If anyone can think of a charity or school who'd be interested, I'd happily deliver it them.

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