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Argh. So far, and not far enough. Too much. Too little. F***!!!

After learning a lot about carb adjustment, I put it aside to finish getting the Fox shock installed. Suspension matters more than carb tuning, right? I can potentially tune the carbs tomorrow night after a day on the new shock anyway.

After learning that NOBODY has decent sizes of metric bolts in stock... OSH, Lowes, Home Despot, every True Value store in the city and a few others ... all had M12 up to 100mm, whereas I needed 110mm. Cole saved the day. I finally (5 trips, 8 hours later) finally get the Fox shock installed and HAPPY. This will be good.

Put the bike together, get ready to leave ... and ... bike isn't running. It's not happy, and I have no idea why. It runs, then it dies. It acts like its out of gas.

ARRRRRRRRRRGGGGHHH. Damnit I did a lot of work under a lot of pressure, and now I can't go anyway. Frustration!!
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