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why Dreamwidth isn't being updated.

Sadly, I don't have time to type and retype my journal entries into multiple sites. Honestly, I'd prefer to use Dreamwidth and just cross-post to LJ for the people I contact there, however LJ has a feature that Dreamwidth doesn't -- cross-posting to Facebook.

For reasons out of my control, the vast majority of people connect with me on Facebook. Facebook is the place where I must post to reach those people. Facebook is *NOT* where I like to keep my thoughts on record.

Livejournal gives me the ability to cross-post a sampler to Facebook such that Facebook friends can know I have posted and go read what I wrote on LJ.

Dreamwidth gives me no such option. Dreamwidth has indicated they have no desire to support Facebook. I feel strongly for, and agree with, their distaste. However this decision is not available to me. And thus, I must use LJ rather than Dreamwidth.

I will set up some of my blogs to cross-post to here so that if you are only friended with me on Dreamwidth you will get to see something of my life. Feel free to comment here, I'll see your comments and respond here too. But if you are following me on LJ I will totally understand if you unfriend or unfollow me here since it will be entirely redundant.

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