Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

(struggles and limitations for) Worldcon 2014 / Loncon3

This post is very much an active continuation of my previous post. If you are reading this in LJ reverse-time-flow then go read that post first and come back to this one. I'll wait right here for you.

Right at the start with my new doctor we had some significant progress. Things were proceeding in such positive fashion that I started (having wild fantasies and) believing that I may be fully functional again by the time Worldcon happened. A couple people suggested that I ask for handicap assistance, and my hope for change warred intensely with my fear that I'd show up in a handicap room and be jogging 4 kilometers each morning before breakfast. At the time I believed my limits were good enough that I was better off than most people who needed handicap access.

Well progress did not match up to my wild fantasies, and due to a scientific testing approach used by my current doctor, we know reality. And here's how it shaped up:

+ Almost every hotel with rooms available was nearly 1 kilometer walk from the convention space. I went outside the convention registration system and got a room half a kilometer away, or 1 kilometer round trip. That's good, right?

- Wrong. Walking a kilometer is painful no matter how slowly I walk it. Any attempt to "get there in time" and I'm in pain for the remainder of the day.

- It turns out that my walking range without pain just around a half kilometer. And if I walk it fast, if I'm trying to get back in time for a session, a half kilometer fast walk is enough to have me sore for a few hours. If I can rest and stretch I can recover decent enough, but...

- Repeated walks in the same day of 1/2km produces long-running bars of pain across my back and down my thights strong enough to distract me from enjoyment, interrupt my sleep, and may well extend into the next day.

- Two 1km walks separated by an hour (to eat lunch then return walk) were enough to cause me to be dizzy and stumbling by the time I returned, with a headache and tingling fingers.

- Any backpack is guaranteed to make any non-trivial walk painful, no matter how well balanced the backpack is.

In short, even with 1/2 kilometer that was no chance I would be able to enjoy Worldcon with the hotel room I could get and those limitations. Paying $7,000 to go and see 1-2 panels a day at most would be stupid. (given that I have to take drugs that require constant refrigeration 3x a day and backpacking a refrigerator is a non-option)

But... I got some good news. Somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd round of Aloft lottery (I'm assuming given the late timing of the notification; I guess someone got a room and then declined it), I got a room. There is nothing closer. Nova and I have our plane tickets, Nova got herself a membership, and we will be there. Yay.

It does mean that I cannot do what I have done in 2012 and previous Worldcons and run to attend things in every time block, and sometimes run between things if I wanted to get a taste of each. But I grew used to those limitations last year, and from what I understand the Aloft -> convention space walks won't be terribly much worse than the walks last year. (crossing fingers)

This also however means that I have a reservation I won't be using at the nearby Travelodge, a now sold-out hotel 1/2 a kilometer from the convention space. This is not a glorious 5-star resort hotel, but it's closer than any you can get with a convention discount and it's actually cheaper too. If any of you would like to assume this reservation let me know and it's yours for the asking. (I have confirmed with the hotel that we can change the responsible party.)

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