Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

3 days of WorldCon

Tuesday night was the first party night. Yeah, before the Con actually even started, no less! 5 sweet parties, and a good relaxing evening. I got to catch up with kproche and bovil, who I haven't seen in a few too many years. It was a very nice cap to the evening socializing with them.

The next morning cmdrsuzdal and I spent all morning getting her artwork down to the Art Show, hung, labeled and checked it. Then we attended the opening ceremony and the first panel of the day (moderated by bovil).

The premiere party Wednesday night was the Hollister in 2008 bid party (hollister2008). Unfortunately that meant it was mobbed. Perhaps the funniest part of this obvious hoax bid is that some few people in the Chicago and Denver bid parties were seriously worried about this ineligible and entirely amusing bid. I think it just shows how sad their bids are.

Thursday night I dressed up as Lord Geigi (atevi lord from the Foreigner and in particular Inheritor). A LOT more people recognized the race immediately, unlike at Baycon. It was fun. Unfortunately this time the Ben Nye makeup did not stay dry (probably due to the increased heat down here) and I ended up leaving black fingerprints on everything. I've got to find some better makeup. And probably a good book on application and maintenance of makeup, given how much I'm sticking to the more highly colored races :-)
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