Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

My superhero name is Bone Spur Man!

Like, I totally thought my super hero name was Too Much Coffee Man. Y'know?

Last week's revelation that my shoulder has grown a bone spur impacting and limiting my rotator cuff, followed by this week's MRI results clearly showing three separate bone spurs in my right ankle... yeah, I am Bone Spur Man! When villains are found, I hobble them with bone spurs so that they must wince as they slowly walk away. Or maybe that's me? I hobble myself so I can't chase the villains. I'm so confused.

1. Moderate early-onset subtalar degenerative arthritis,
 greater in the anterior and middle joints.

2. Prominent anterior calcaneal process extending to within 1mm of the
 navicular bone, suspicious for fibrous coalition. likely entire life

3. Mild tibiotalar degenerative arthrosis with dorsal hypertrophic spurring,
 not commonly associated with tarsal coalition.

4. Minimal distal Achilles tendinopathy with a small traction spur.
 achilles tendonitis

5. Small calcaneal plantar spur. plantar fasciitis

Before your eyes glaze over, it's not actually that hard to understand. My tibia (leg bone) has arthritis where it comes too near the calcaneal quadrangle (heel bone) which is where the foot flexes and pivots. There are two different spurs and more arthritis around where the talar bone (lengthwise down the foot) comes near (too near) the same calcaneal block. The combination of these effects is pinching the ligaments which run between and provide support for the foot. There is an additional spur on the navicular bone, which is on the side of the cancaneal bone and provides stability for the foot.

No one specific change is going to improve the situation greatly. For most people in this situation they fuse the calcaneal bone--however that is appropriate for someone 30-40 years older than me. It would effectively end most of my recreational activities and absolutely end bicycling or motorcycle racing.

There's no easy answer for this. Spend the rest of my life doing hardcore yoga to keep the ligaments as flexible as possible. Oh yeah, and there is the suffering. Sweet, sweet suffering.

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