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Very happy so far with SP-350

So I just spent the last hour getting to know my new SP-350. I like it. My dogs are currently annoyed by the flashing light ... :-)

It really has everything in easy to use places. And frankly, a number of the reviewers were missing major things. Like the guy who complained that he wanted ISO adjustment up front, and not in the menu. Well, see, you can override all of the front panel buttons to do what you want in Manual mode!

AND... there are 4 custom "My" mode settings to make it really easy to recall some standard settings.

I've never seen any point-n-shoot small pocketable digital camera that is so, so, so easy to adjust for manual operation (most don't even have this!)

So I'm happy. Joy joy.

Now off to find a wide angle lense for it. Lots of stuff on e-bay but I don't know who I trust...
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