Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

How frail we are at the end.

Right now Eddie's situation is very confusing. According to what we can see via x-ray and ultrasound, her cancer is in remission. And she's eating better than since before she started chemo -- a whole bowl of food at a time, sometimes begging for more. Good, right?

Unfortunately, she has entirely lost use of her front right leg, and right now she's having a really difficult time using either of her rear legs. I think she's less than 2 days away from being unable to walk at all. She has these weird heaves at times, like she's gulping air or choking but they go away instantly. And sometimes she just cries out these low, mournful cries. It's heartbreaking.

The best guess is that the cancer has spread into her spinal column and is affecting her nerves. I question if perhaps it has spread into her brain and is affected motor control there. Unfortunately, we can't tell either one without an MRI, and I simply can't afford the multiple thousands of dollars that will cost right now.

I'm watching her body fail her, and I'm completely helpless to stop it.

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