Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Will this never end? Augh, wrong question. Again.

So the news last week that the cancerous growth in Eddie's intestines had shrunken was fantastic, if guarded, news. Well the other shoe dropped today. Over the last 5 days Eddie has suddenly lost use of her front right arm. It goes away without warning, and she falls flat on her face.

We brought her in for x-rays, and nothing is wrong with her bones or ligaments. The only possible explanation is that lymphoma has crept into her nerves and is rendering those nerves nonfunctional. It turns out that this is not uncommon. So she's back on prednisone and they're altering the chemo treatment plan. But the plain truth is that we won't know if this will help or not. She may lose the use of more limbs. She may not see much more effect. It turns out that this is highly individualized, and there's no clear plan.


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