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Mental notes (as in "going ...")

I went out during lunchtime on Wednesday with the instructors and ran around the track backwards. THAT WAS FUN!! I loved it. Happy happy joy.

The rest is just some random thoughts from the last three days I want to keep handy.

Turn 1 much faster doesn't really change. But now that I'm hauling into there, I really need to define a more precise turn in point. And you can't make the turn if you don't get your Tits on the Tank.

Turn 2 needs some clear deliniation of turn in and braking points. I'm carrying more speed than every before, and I still do a lot of passing here, but if I had a clear braking marker and turn in point I wouldn't have to adjust my line during the turn.

Turn 3 *does* work on a tigher line than I used to use. Practice is necessary.

Turn 4 just needs more shoulder.

Turn 5 needs a harder slap-in. I do it well, but not consistently.

Turn 6 I was able to roll on earlier than ever before, and I wore down a ridge that was developing in my rear tire. Hint -- too much compression in the rear == not getting on the gas early. Fixing that started wearing my tire correctly.

Turn 8 feels really good when I've got Tits on the Tank like I'm supposed to.

Turn 9 my turn in points are perfect. Carrying a lot of speed is good, but I may be overbraking. Next time out let's see just how much I can carry through there.

Turn 10 used to be the turn that I'd never believe that I would ever learn to go into at speed. Now I'm doing stoppies into it every lap that I'm not being held up by someone slower than me. And running out over the curbing on the exit. Wow. Turn 10 doesn't need a stoppie, really :-) Tits on Tank rules the world.

Turn 11 turn in late and get on the gas *BEFORE* the apex.

Turn 14 carrying a boatload of entry speed is good. Am I overbraking? Do I need to adjust my entry point?
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