Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Straight from the oncologist

Eddie's long term prognosis is unfortunately considered poor even with chemotherapy treatments. High grade intestinal lymphoma in the dog tends to be more aggressive and more difficult to control relative to the more common multicentric lymphoma that occurs in dogs.

Treatment options discussed include the 6 month CHOP protocol, which gives Eddie the best chance for bringing her into remission, single agent Adriamycin chemotherapy, or using prednisone by itself.

Despite treatment, survival times range from several weeks to about 6 months with a small possibility for longer term survival.

Eddie received her first dose of treatment with Elspar chemotherapy. She is due back in 1 week for vincristine chemotherapy.

Jo's post-note: Edie barfed up everything we fed her the first day after chemo. Several times. But she has eaten with enthusiasm every time, has not barfed since around noon on Saturday, and had some decent energy this morning.

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