Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Eddie has inoperable cancer.

So today's sonogram found what we were missing before. As before, Eddie's liver was coarse and thick. However, the real problem was just below her stomach. There's a part of the body where food flows just before it enters the intestines. I forgot the name, Gasto-sumthin'. This has a very large growth.

It's not operable. If the cancer was just a few inches lower, in the intestines, they'd cut her open, remove the bit and she'd have an 80% chance of survival. But they can't cut into this area. It's too wound up in the organs and too small to cut enough of it out.

The "usual" cancer in this area doesn't respond to chemo. Chances are lower than 1% of chemo having a useful effect.
And even if it is a difference cancer that does respond to chemo, they are pretty sure that Eddie is so weak that chemo will kill her.

Right now they are going back in with a sonogram and some needles to puncture the growth and try to get an analysis of what it is. From what I understand, this is similar but not the same as jaylake's cancer sequencing. Unfortunately they just don't spend the kind of money on dogs as they do on humans, and we all know they don't spend enough on humans to start with. But anyway, this is probably just a waste of time and a lot of my money. But I'm taking the chance and spending the money because it's the only goddamn thing I can do.

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