Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

You thought you knew pain? Ha. Let me show you pain!

So I've had the sciatica for two months now. Stretching every day and adjusting my posture were really helping. I didn't need pain meds any more, and I was walking around pretty easy. I was able to walk around Pantheacon without much pain at all. So after walking about pretty pain free the last few weekends, something has happened that is worse than anything I've ever experienced. I'm at the pain level where I was when I broke my hip, but it's consistent and changing and thus I can't get used to it.

Sunday at the dog park I broke up two pit bulls fighting. This involved forcing my way between them and pushing both back until their owners had them in control. I'm not sure that it happened exactly then, but when leaving the dog park I noticed that my right butt cheek really hurt. I had someone check and I hadn't been bitten. Dang, it was sore and sometimes pain flowed down my leg.

So I showed this to my doctor and then my PT, and he diagnosed that the sciatica had switched sides. He was right, I could now touch my toes while standing on my left leg, but not while standing on my right. In fact, I couldn't get anywhere close while standing on my right. That was Thursday AM. By the end of Thursday day I was sore and hurting from walking around. It seemed to have gotten worse. I saw my bodyworker Thursday night and she worked on it for a few hours, but within 20 minutes of leaving her office I was in a tremendous amount of pain. Yesterday was murder, and I woke up this morning in far too much pain to even consider laying in bed.

The pain does come and go. If I sit down in a place with good posture the pain will leave for a period of time. When I stand up to walk around the pain isn't there for a few steps, but if I go even as far as from the kitchen to the living room it returns quickly. The general, low-end manifestation is burning pain in the outside upper right calf, in the lower right back part of the thigh (just above the knee) and also in the muscles/nerves just above my right hip. Like if you sit down in a chair the first two inches or so that is not touching the chair. When I am focused on standing, it's the same in the calf but it's very sore in the muscular part of the right butt cheek.

When I take weight off of it, it usually hurts worse. I often get strobing pain that flashes up and down the leg. Sometimes after the strobes I get a flush of heat down the leg. It's so warm it's almost like I peed myself. Unfortunately that feeling is gone right after it happens.

My bodyworker thinks I may have compacted my lower spine during the dog fight. I'm going to make an appointment with my chiro early next week.

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