Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Hello Pain, my old friend.

So working with the physical therapist has been really good. I've been stretching at least twice a day (trying to get to three times) and overall the pain is much much better. I'm walking normally again.

It's nice to work with people who really understand the body and what's going on. It has helped me to realize that part of the problem was the crap chairs at my current job. They are supposedly really nice, but you can't adjust them to sit forward. They have the setting, but they don't stay there -- they shift back as soon as you start moving around. So it sits backward, which has caused me to slouch in them which has apparently flattened out my lower back which has brought this problem on.

So I'm focused on sitting upright in all situations. If the chairs at my new job aren't good I'm going to pay for one myself so that I can sit well. It pays for itself very fast.

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