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WAMU's web development team is a joke

So I have a hard time writing this, because I really like WAMU as a bank. But I've always had major problems with their web development group, and it's gotten much much worse in the last two weeks. Before today:

1. There's no bug reporting system. They won't accept bugs, because they have no way to report them. (I've been told by an internal manager that this is not true, and that I'm being lied to)

2. Nobody in their call center can pull up the website, so they can't confirm any details.

3. They'll insist that any problem is a cache problem in my browser when I can demonstrate the problem on three different browsers on 4 different operating systems

4. They have major display problems on an ongoing basis that remain unfixed for months. I've helped them identify problems, and sent them the code fixes for the site on numerous occasions. And it will take them 2-3 months to implement.

5. They never test anything before deployment. I mean seriously, the worst possible bugs always appear after every rollout.

Wow, this is bad, right? What could be worse? How about Downloads have been completely broken for 2 weeks? Online banking? Who needs that? Will they put up a page saying "Downloads are broken, please come back later?" Nope. You have to keep typing in all the information and getting no response.

And there's worse.

A. At first, the running balance was zeroed out. You saw zeros in the running balance column of your itemized transactions.

B. Online transfers didn't work for a day.

C. They finally revised (after years and years of customer complaints) the Download transactions page. But they fixed none of the problems. In fact, they added lots of extra whitespace so that you still have to scroll down to the click the download button. Why?

D. The logout link was broken for a week. They were trying to use ActiveScript (which only works in MSIE) but did that wrong, so nobody could log out.

E. Technical support lines are now running 35 minute minimum to talk to someone.

F. They now provide "available balance" and "ledger balance" as separate columns, but both numbers appear in the ledger balance column.

G. After spending an hour making them understand the problem, they'll suddenly come up with "the web developers already know about all the bugs" and refuse to file a bug report.

H. They refuse to get a real manager on the phone, and promise a callback instead. Which never happens.

This is seriously amazing. I mean really, this is one of the largest banks in the US. And their web development team is apparently a single 12-year old kid with a book about ASP programming. No QA team, no testing, no visible experience managing a production website like this. Damn

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