Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Not racing in early 2013

I am really unhappy about this, but it’s time to face a truth I can’t imagine any more. I am really jonsing to get back on the racetrack, but for several reasons I won’t be racing in early 2013, and possibly not in 2013 at all.

Due to the stock I sold to purchase my house in 2012, my federal taxes are very bad. I’m effectively broke for the next 6 months.

I’d really like to finish exterior work on the new house. We’re in desperate need of a new roof, new driveway, and to replace the falling down external garage.

I have developed a very painful instance of Sciatica which makes stabilization movements in my left thigh very very painful. Even walking can be painful at times. Until this is resolved racing is completely unrealistic. If the disks in my lower back get worse, this may prevent me from ever racing–although I’ve been told that this is unlikely.

This really sucks. I guess I’ve avoided posting this because I’ve been looking for some reason to believe that I find a way, but the latest diagnosis from the doctor about the discs in back / nerve issues really put the nail in the coffin today.

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