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I've been holding my breath on this one, because I held out some slim hope that it was some silly mistake that would find its way free. Sadly, it's just not going to be.

While working at Laguna Seca for FIM/MotoGP, I met a very nice person. We chatted, it was nice. We took a walk together during one of our breaks, and it turns out that I *really* liked this person. We had a lot in common. A technical worker in biotech, well established and focused on career and enjoying life. Who liked hanging out with men because they were simple, and didn't make up drama. Just a lot in common, and enough differences to be interesting.

We spent 3 days together. We took every lunch break together. We teased each other, and just otherwise enjoyed the time. It was so very nice to just *click* with someone again.

There really wasn't a romantic interest, but that was fine with me. I was just enjoying having someone around that felt so comfortable right off. Happy.

Then, as I was saying Goodbye on Sunday night, it got really weird. I said "Call me sometime, let's do coffee sometime..." and she just stared at me like I was from Mars. So I mimic'd a panic-freeze, lifted my eyebrows and said "uh... tea? Is tea good?" No response. How weird is that? So I tossed one more out there. I knew she liked running, so I mimiced effort and swung my arms like I was jogging and said "Go running? Running is good!"

She says "Now you've gone too far."
I say "Well I was kidding about the running of course ... it just seemed weird."
She says "Well it went too far."
I say, "I'm sorry. What did I do wrong?"
She says "I think you know."

Actually, I haven't the vaguest clue in the world. But I'm also 2 pints of beer down, and sticky and smelly from being in the sun all day, and was supposed to be leaving for the shower when all this started. And really not prepared to have some drama across a campground, in this state, on the final evening of the event. So I do something most of my friends wouldn't believe -- I disengage and walk away. I say "Actually, I have no clue. I'm very sorry if anything I did bothered you." and I walk away and go have my shower.

Weird. And very disappointing, especially after listening to her talk about liking simple things, no drama. Confusing as hell.

So anyway, she had given me some memorabilia to bring home in my van and give to her later. We scheduled to meet at a coffee shop in Mountain View. I got there early, had a nibble and a mocha. She arrives, accepts the stuff from me. She barely looks at me, and pretty much runs out of there. Damn.

So now I'm done with it. I was a bit bitter about it after the event, but now I'm really bitter. Why would someone spend so much time getting to know someone, and then play stupid games like this?

The only thing I know for sure is that if by any chance I run into her again, I have no intention of acknowledging her existence. People who want or need some kind of drama to sustain themselves are just scary. It's really too bad that she wasn't anything she claimed to be.

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