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Unscheduled TV appearance

I was on TV at 7:30pm PDT on Saturday, when 2 bikes crashed and took 4 others into the sand in Turn 2. Ryan, Marcus, Ari and I were the guys in white clothing with orange MotoGP vests running out to pick up the bikes. The last to arrive before they clipped away was Jerry, our Turn Daddy (turn marshall) from the other side of the track.

You can see a clip of it here:

It is unfortunate, because one of the replays showed a rear view where you can see us crouching behind the tirewall ready to go. But they zoomed in just enough that you miss all four of us jumping the tirewall (which is 5 feet high). We used the hill behind us as leverage and just launched ...

There will be a replay at 11:00AM PDT on Speed Channel.

I may also be seen in the Supersport race where I had to run across a live track to pick up a cone someone collected on in turn 1 and dropped in turn 2 right on the line. But I haven't seen that yet so I don't know. I did get so much applause from the people sitting on the hill above turn 2 that they heard it all the way in turn 4.

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