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Camping at Laguna Seca / MotoGP

So I left work today and traipsed my slovenly butt down to Laguna for MotoGP. I'll spend the next three days sitting around in the sun, either picking up crashed bikes or throwing flags to warn riders of the same.

It's a fun crowd and good group here. We all laughed when someone almost dumped their car in a ditch, but we ran to help and got them pulled clear and parked well. Beer is flowing well, and the mood is good.

I do have to note that this is one of the places that really taught me not to take things seriously. My first year here I observed and participated in a lot of drama. By last year, I was so blind to it that I was amused with the stories I heard after the event -- about fist-fights and cops and stuff all within 30 feet of where I camped last year. I never noticed. (you might read that as "was too drunk to care" and you wouldn't be wrong)

Anyway, the point is that at this event, you can find all the drama you could hope for. But if you aren't looking for it, it's pretty easy to avoid. Taught me a thing or two.

Anyway, back to the drinking and being ignorant :-)

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