Jo Rhett (jorhett) wrote,
Jo Rhett

Great day at California Speedway

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Today was a great day at Cal Speedway / Fontana. First of all, the weather was PERFECT. Seventy degrees is not so cold as to affect bike performance or make the pavement slick, and not so hot for me to sweat more than normal.

The first session I felt all out of sorts. My body hasn’t tried to move like this in almost six months, and due to the various medical fun I’ve been undergoing I’ve gotten very little gym time. But I did alright. By the time the third session came around I was chasing down riders on faster 600cc inline-4 bikes and passing them. I probably shouldn’t have done that but, you know, competitive spirit and all that.

I had to make a few suspension changes, one of which went way wrong, but I think the superstock bike is sorted now and ready for tomorrow.

The rebuilt superbike arrived just after practice ended today. We put all the body work on it and prepped it for practice tomorrow. I’ve got to remember to not redline the engine in the first practice, hope my competitive nature can be held off for one practice session.

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