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  • Sun, 19:15: After 3 years of using stock Android, I find HTC Sense to be utter junk. Can't find contacts, can't organize contacts by company... suckage
  • Sun, 19:16: I need to find out if the rooted ROMs for the 4G Slide still have full camera support. Because HTC Sense is simply unusable. Huge step back.
  • Sun, 19:54: Um... really? Gmail service won't allow me to mail an EXE to a friend, even when included in a zip. #IKnowWhatImDoing #DontNeedAParent
  • Sun, 21:39: Happy! eMusic has Cactus World News available for $5! I never found this on CD, so I've been missing this since giving up on vinyl.
  • Mon, 12:05: The incomes of the wealthiest rise by a factor of six... the tax share of the rich not go up while the tax rate falls?
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