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Go slow to go fast.

I spent the last three days up at Thunderhill, re-learning how to ride my SV650 street bike on the track. That was an experience.

Ya ride a bike nearly every day, ya think you know it? Well, not so much. Or rather, not for the track -- where a slow corner is a 60-mph corner.

The first day I spent just trying to adjust. I was doing 2:17s and 2:18s, but I was struggling to do them -- this is normally my take it easy pace. By the evening I had realized that it wasn't me -- the bike wasn't set up right. I spent Tuesday morning on and off the track testing out suspension adjustments. This really helped, and I was able to start focusing on extending my turn in markers in turns 1, 9 and 10.

By Tuesday afternoon I was doing 2:16s with ease. I think I should have been doing 2:14s easily and 2:12s when pushing, but there was a fairly serious headwind out of turn 9 and down the front straight that was slowing everyone down.

Wednesday morning I had Dave Moss lower the front even more, and then the bike really started to feel right. It was a lot easier to turn in, and I started being able to flick it around with ease. Chasing down some of the other A-group riders I even got the bike twisted up and turned sideways just like my EX500.

Unfortunately, I was so tired and sore on this third day that I was only able to put in 10-12 laps at the most before my legs started cramping up. And today, when the times really should have been dropping ... they weren't. So I've learned that I can put in a 2:16 when I'm boned tired and legs are cramping, but I haven't the vaguest clue if I can achieve the 2:10 lap time I was aiming for. Which leaves me vaguely unsatisfied, even though I did achieve every other goal I set for myself this weekend.
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